Thursday, 14 August 2014


Sometimes there comes a reminder to walk slowly. To wait patiently, and to let go. 

Sometimes there comes an inner voice that says stop. Just stop. Right now. And for no reason. Because you don't need a reason. To set your own pace. 

And so you choose to stop. To press pause for a minute, or two or a little longer.

And maybe it's just to breathe. To breathe fully. Those really big breaths. The ones that can take you a little by surprise and remind you that yes indeed you are alive. 

And then you find yourself realigning with your heart as you inhale, and noticing seconds as you exhale. And suddenly you realise, it takes just a moment to stop, and just a moment for things to change. And that scares you. 

But maybe that's not such a bad thing because it gets you dwelling on gratitude. True heart-expanding gratitude. And it's in those moments of true thanks that you feel your heart speaking. And it's when you turn down the background noise, that you see gratitude exists in the right now, and right here. In what is. 

And you realise that with every breath in, and breath out comes opportunity.
To see things differently. To do things differently.
To say something. Or say nothing.
To kiss softly and slowly, like time is yours.
To linger longer when you hug goodbye.
To say what you've been thinking aloud.
To create a new habit. To let go of an old one.
To choose healing. To choose life.
To choose to see love. In you. And him. And her. And them. 
To ask how love would respond. Before you respond.
To seek joy. 

And so you decide from this moment on to make a little time within each day to just breathe. Or meditate. Or pray. Or read. Or write. To create. Or just be.
To do that thing that speaks to your heart the loudest. 
To choose solitude. And time together. 
To give thanks for today, and tomorrow. 
To listen. 
And to choose to see the beauty that exists in the ordinary. in the everyday. 
in every minute. and within every single breath. 


{I've been away from the online world, and away from this space I love for two weeks now. Right when I felt I was ready to jump back in! And while life has been full of wonder, joy and learning, winter's done it's trick of sending me inward once again. And that's right where I've needed to be :) This post pretty much sums up my heart's thoughts right now, and now feels a good time to share. Something has shifted here, and I'd say it's no coincidence that a new season is on its way. Elisa xx}

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Head & heart

I've been missing writing, and perplexed because perhaps for the first time in two and a half years I have felt unable to
write for here. For this space that's become an extension of my heart.

Despite my feet-on-the-ground and mindful intentions, my head went skyward - thinking, thinking, dreaming a little and unable to make a decision. Because, of course, the decision was not for my head at all, but for my heart. Funny that.

And when I checked in with my heart, it whispered find your joy. And that's where I've been. Finding my joy which
turns out is mostly just being, writing and creating from my heart (hello new prints, and an amazing new vision board), practicing yoga, talking and playing with my girls, time with family, reading fiction and neglecting my
facebook page

And while the past two weeks my energy has returned, it does feel a lot like I had to step back a few paces in order
to move ahead.


What's bringing you joy today? 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

What's filling your bucket?

This week I helped out at miss four's kinder, and the topic of conversation on the mat was "What's filling your bucket?" And by that the teacher was referring to what's filling your heart - what makes you feel good about yourself and feel full of love - and what you can do to fill others' buckets - acts of kindness, comfort, friendship. It reminded me of this post. And it also sparked a conversation about what empties our buckets. 

Here were 20 four and five-year-olds openly sharing the words that fill them up, and words that can tear them down. And knowing the difference, and having an understanding of the impact our words and actions can have on others. 

And while this is pretty much my parenting aim - to fill my girls up with love, and help them identify all their emotions, and accept them too - I couldn't be more grateful that my little girl has a teacher who values wellbeing and nurture just as high as other areas of learning. 

It also reminded me that this is a question to reflect on often, and at all ages and stages of life. To identify what's filling me up {nourishing me}, perhaps what I need more of and what I can give more of, and definitely what I could do with less of. 


What are you most grateful for this week? What's filling your bucket?