Friday, 19 September 2014


"What are you doing?" she screeched.
"Umm... parking the car? What does it look like?" came my sarcastic reply."Here?"

"Yes here."
"No. Stop. Why?"
"What? Because it's an angle park and we're a one minute walk from the venue..."
"No. There could be another park so much closer. There will be another park. Keep on driving!"
"But I can see one right here. And what if there's not?""Have a little faith."
"What's faith got to do with it? This park is free and right here.""Blind faith. I know you have it in you. Drive."
"Okay, okay. Fine..."

I drove further on, thinking how ridiculous this exercise was. And then I saw it, a free spot right out the front. Waiting for me? I drove in without saying a word. We got out of the car and exchanged glances. Mine was a "well, whadda you know?" Hers said, "That there is what happens when you have faith."


You know when sometimes you remember memories from long ago and you wonder how that something that happened 11 years ago could pop into your head just like that... well this was one of those, from my uni days, except maybe it wasn't random or a coincidence either. Because when I remembered I most definitely was in need of a little courage, confidence and trust - blind faith.


Do you think we suddenly remember random memories from the past for a reason? I'd like to think so. Elisa xx

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Why I write

I think maybe when we resonate with each other little sprinklings of love are made - they follow us, stay with us and ignite passion, purpose and growth. The more we connect, the more love we create in our worlds.

And that's kind of why I write. That's why I share words here from my heart. That's why I love this space - for all those sparks of connection that have been made and shared. 

I suppose I've always been a writer at heart. Scribbling notes in journals at every time of the day for as long as I can remember. And not writing, well that means I just wouldn't be me. 


Do you feel like without writing {or photography, or creating or something else that speaks to your heart} you wouldn't be you? 

~ My friend Deb {read her beautiful writing here} asked me why I write a couple months ago, and the question has stayed with me and inspired me to share and to write a little more in my journal lately just for me too. Elisa x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

A nourishing something

Yesterday I had a conversation about how having a ritual {or a nourishing something that's just for us} that we do each day can be the one thing that keeps us feeling filled, not just going but going happily, with that little bit of extra energy (even when sleep alludes you). Of course, we can go quite wonderfully without that little nourishing rhythm in our day too - but it can make all the difference on some days. 

My time by the sea with my camera, notepad and pen has been a weekly dose of nourishment for me this year. It's most often meant solo time too, before I begin work. And lately it's been just a handful of minutes that it's taken to fill my heart and soul, to recharge and take stock. Perhaps I needed more time in the beginning, but lately it's been so much less - and I think that's because this has become a ritual; helped by the fact that I now effortlessly {no guilt} grant myself this time each week to just be. Just as you get better at something when you practice it, I think you get better at tuning in, letting go, relaxing and reconnecting by creating a weekly/daily space for it too. 


Do you do something each day or weekly that's just for you? Something to nourish your body or heart or soul?

{~ Finally catching up on sharing this year's photo project - weekly images by the sea. Above are images 26-33 and one extra! Elisa x}